Escaramujo - Guatemala

Héctor and Iván (left), along with the group of students that participated of the workshop. 

The Escaramujo at Guatemala took place in the School of Physics and Mathematics of the University of San Carlos (USAC), from the 16th to the 19th of September 2015. Héctor Pérez, a professor member of the Lab of radiation and particles, was the local organizer and coordinator.

The students from USAC that participated in the workshop:

Andrés Valle
Lilian García
Brayan Lemus
Werner Florian
Victor Porras
José Pablo Linares Fernández
Karen Roxana Guarcax Temaj
Also from USAC, the Engeneer Iván Morales, expert in DAQ systems for instrumentation joined us during the week. We also had the visit of Alejandro Saravia, Master student of the Faculty of Space Sciences, of the National Autonomous University of Honduras, who participated of the entire workshop with the idea of replicating the detector at his institution

Héctor, with Iván and Andrés (bachelor student who is also a lab assistant) will continue working with the donated device in reaserch activities, to integrate the Escaramujo detector with a water Cerenkov tank developed by them, as part of the LAGO collaboration.

 Hands-on. Students taking data with the donated detector to the School of Math and Physics of USAC.

Lecture about interaction of radiation with matter.

Lab explanations.

Data analysis sessions, with C++/ROOT.

Group picture with Edgar Cifuentes (top left), director of the School of Mathematics and Physics of USAC.