What is escaramujo

Why the Earth is my home? Why the night is dark?
Why the Moon is whiteness that broadens and shrinks?
Why a star connects with other like on a drawing?
And why the escaramujo is from the rose and the sea?
I live of asking. To know cannot be luxury.
I ask for a living: to know cannot be luxury!

Escaramujo is the fruit of the wild rose. Unusual word in Spanish, it is the title of a poem by Silvio Rodríguez, whose theme is the right of education. Education cannot be a privilege of a few, but an inalienable right of a human being. Public and free education is the key for the emancipation of our people.

Roses are not only found in beautiful and opulent gardens, in the academic centers of elite, cultivated and distinguished. Outside there are plenty of wild roses that rise, proud, coloring our lives.

What is the escaramujo. Exactly that, the question, the inherent curiosity that we all have inside, that engine of asking and interrogating about what surrounds us. The Escaramujo is the fate of the sea. It is a child that ask: what is the escaramujo?