Escaramujo - Lima

Gourp picture of the Escaramujo workshop at Lima, at the Space agency of Perú. 

The Escaramujo workshop in Lima, Perú, was held at the Comisión Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Aeroespacial (CONIDA), the Peruvian Space agency. Organized by Luis Otiniano, member of the Astrophysics group, it developed between the 4th and the 7th of Jan-2016. The participants were members of CONIDA, local universities and the technology business sector. They were:

Juan Vega           
Miguel Risco                
Fernanda Flórez            
Canales Idone                   
Vanessa Navarrete        
Keiko Saito        
Christian Alvarado            
José Tacza           
Fredi Huaynasi               
Verónica Tacuri               
Julio Molina                
The donated detector adds up to Astrophysics group equipment, to be integrated with a detector of the LAGO network, oriented towards Space Weather research.

Students and researchers assembling the detector.

Characterizing the electronics.

With Keiko Saito, who gifted us some nice Peruvian handcrafts (Thank you!).