Escaramujo - Bucaramanga

Group picture of the session at the Universidad Industrial of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

The Escaramujo workshop in Bucaramanga, Colombia, was held on 11-Nov-2015, at the instrumentation laboratory of the Halley Group of the Universidad Industrial de Santander. In one intensive session, a group of students succesfully assembled the detector, started it up and characterized it. The workshop was organized by the Halley Group Project Coordinator Amanda Balaguera, and by the professors:

Jesus Peña
Julian Rodriguez Ferreira 
Rolando Calderón Ardila
Luis Nuñez

The students that participated in the Escaramujo workshop were:

Jennifer Grisales
Jesús Bonilla
Andrei Jaimes Motta
Pedro Salgado
Martha Valencia
Diego Nicolás Sarques 
Julian Nuñez 
Fabian Castañeda 
Yesid Roman Gomez
Edwin Florez Gaitan

The donated device will improve cosmic rays studies of the Halley Group

Hands-on! With enthusiams and joy, students working with plastic scintillators.

Students adjusting the bias voltage of silicon photomultipliers.

Brief whiteboard session.

Everybody packed around the device, characterizing the electronics.

Concident electric pulses due to a muon cross through two scintillator plates coupled with silicon photomultipliers.